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I have made a mistake and started Bungou Stray Dogs. Goodbye productivity.


"Thank you for coming in on such short notice, I know you must be very busy." 

"Oh it's not a problem, it was our day off anyways, right Iwa-chan? And we always prioritize (Name)'s education." Oikawa gave the principal a bright smile. 

"Yes well, let's get right to it then, shall we. Unfortunately (Name) is in my office today because she has gotten in trouble for fighting with another student in her class."

Iwaizumi frowned but remained silent as he glanced at (Name) in the corner. (Name) kept her eyes down at her feet when she felt the adults looking at her. It didn't sound like his daughter to fight, but instead of getting worked up he let Oikawa to voice their confusion. "She was fighting? What for?"

"According to the teacher report she shoved a boy in her class and he fell." The principal tapped the written report next to him. 

"(Name), why did you push him?" Iwaizumi ignored the principal as he turned to (Name). 

"He wouldn't stop pulling my hair." (Name) mumbled still towards her feet. 

"(Name) sweetie, we don't mumble. Now tell us again why you pushed the boy, but this time try and look at us." Oikawa gently coaxed.

With a quick glance at the principal's frowning face she lifted her head to stare at her parents. Her eyes were slightly red but free of tears. "He wouldn't stop pulling my hair, even though I asked him to stop." 

"Did you tell your teacher?" 

"Yes, she told him to stop too. But he wouldn't so then I told him to stop again and he didn't so when he reached for my hair again I pushed his arms away. And then he fell down."

"Thank you for being honest sweetie." Oikawa gave her an encouraging smile before turning back to the principal. "Why did she continue to hit him?"

The principal blinked in confusion. "She didn't continue to hit him. She shoved him to the ground."

"And she is being reprimanded for this?"

"Well yes, she was being aggressive with another student."

"A student who was physically harassing her."

"Well..." The principal suddenly looked uncomfortable.

"That wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Please don’t interrupt me, I’m trying to work through this logic." Oikawa gave a sharp smile to the principal who nodded mutely in shock for a moment. 

"My daughter was being physically harassed by a fellow student. She used her words multiple times to ask him to stop. She told the teacher what he was doing, and the teacher told him to stop as well, but he did not." Oikawa ticked off the events on his fingers as he spoke slowly, as if to a very young child.

The principal sputtered as he tried to interrupt.

"No, please I understand you have many children to take care of here and the teacher did tell him to stop which may have been the best they could do at the moment. However after being told to stop by my daughter and the teacher, the student continued. At which point my daughter, feeling uncomfortable with the physical attention she didn’t want, defended herself against the next harassment by pushing his hands away. This push led to him falling, hurting himself, crying, and my daughter being reprimanded and myself and my husband being called in. That is the sum of the story, yes?" 

"Well yes bu—" 

"I said don’t interrupt me please. Now I’m confused why my daughter is in trouble." Oikawa's voice maintained a calm, smooth cadence but the ice it held was unmistakable as he stared down the principal, Iwaizumi glaring silently from his side.

"My daughter pushed another student in self-defense when he refused to stop physically harassing her. I could understand if we were disappointed for her not using her words first, but she did use her words. She used her words and the teacher's words as well to protect herself and when that didn’t work she used her hands. The hands attached to her body that is hers, and not that little boys or anyone else’s to touch when they please." 

"Yes sir, but Oikawa-san, you must understand that we’re trying to keep a safe environment for all the children, and pushing and fighting is not a safe environment." The principal dabbed at the sweat beading on his forehead as Oikawa's glare turned absolutely frigid. 

"You’re worried SHE made the environment unsafe? What about her? Is she to feel that she can’t protect herself? Is she to go to school in an environment where she learns it’s ok for others to do what they want to her and ignore her voice? That the teachers will side with the other children? That when she protects herself she will be reprimanded for the actions taken rather than comforted for what happened? That when others treat her poorly they will not be punished? Tell me, how is that a safe school environment for her?"

Oikawa was standing by the end of his speech, a fire blazing in his eyes as he ranted. The principal gaped mutely at a now fuming Oikawa, his mouth opening and closing silently as he struggled for any response. Seeing his dumbfounded look Oikawa scoffed, grabbing (Name)'s hand and heading for the door with her. 

"Come on (Name), we're not wasting another moment with small-minded people such as this. Let's go get ice cream."

The principal stared after the departing figures before turing back to face the remaining person. Iwaizumi sat silently in his chair, contemplating his husband's words as he locked eyes with the principal. He paused a moment before breaking the silence. 

"You're lucky." His voice sounded almost bored, though his eyes showed how angry he was. "If I had walked in here and she was crying I probably would have beaten you half to death." 

Iwaizumi stood slowly, looking both dignified and terrifying as he towered over the now cowering principal.

"If we ever hear of something like this happening in your school again, you can kiss your job goodbye. Superintendent Sugawara happens to be our child's godfather, and I'm sure he will be less than pleased to hear about your response to this incident. And if you ever have any confusion on what a truly unsafe environment is, please let me know. I'd be happy to demonstrate."  With a sharp incline of his head he excused himself and followed his husband out the door, leaving a quaking principal behind. 


(Name) munched happily on her ice cream cone as she bounced on Iwaizumi's lap. Oikawa rested his chin on his hand as he leaned over to ruffle her hair and press a kiss to her forehead. 

"(Name) sweetie?" She looked up at Oikawa's soft voice. "Dad and I want you to know that you did nothing wrong at school today, no matter what that stupid principal says."

"Stupid is a mean word, Daddy. I thought we weren't supposed to use it." 

Oikawa wiped some ice cream off her face with a small smile. "Well we are allowed to use it in this case because that principal is a mean man. But what do you did was absolutely right, using your words first, asking the teacher, and stopping him from touching you. Dad and I are very proud you were so brave, and will always support you."

Oikawa glanced up at Iwaizumi and he nodded in agreement, snuggling (Name) a little closer. 

"Ok, thanks Daddy, and Dad." She pressed an ice cream covered kiss to Oikawa's face, making him grin. "If he did it again I was going to punch him like Dad showed me. But I didn't want to get blood on my new school outfit."

She frowned as she contemplated the ice cream stains now marking the outfit she'd tried to keep pristine, before shrugging and continuing to munch her treat. "In the end he was too wimpy anyways. But don't worry Dad," She wiggled around on Iwaizumi's lap to glance up at him. "I'll punch him next time if I have to."

With a grin Iwaizumi pinched one of her ice cream covered cheeks. "That's my girl." 

That's my girl|ParentsAU! OikawaxReaderxIwaizumi
Not what i usually write but something like this happened with the child I nanny and I'm just having a lot of feelings about the lack of education on the idea that people of all ages are the owner of their body and that means, nobody no matter how young or old, has the right to do something that makes you uncomfortable. If we aren't telling our youngest humans how to act with kindness and how to respect others personal space and right to say no we aren't teaching them the most valuable lessons. 

I feel like Oikawa and Iwaizuimi would be great parents but as I was writing this I realized literally any pairing from that show has the perfect dynamic for this (can you imagine Tsukki just roasting anyone who dares speak against his child? Or protective Suga-mama?) there are so many good options, feel free to imagine whomever as the couple. Also please forgive me for using both their last names, I couldn't decide which to use and using only their first names felt weird so i used both. Someone correct me if there's a better way to do this

Sorry if this isn't any good, i just really had to get some feelings out and write a scenario like this helped. 

I don't own haikyuu 

I've decided to use this as my entry for Mikittykun's 200 WATCHERS CONTEST-EXTRAORDINAIRE! (click here for the journal if you also want to enter... though it should be ~300 watcher extraordinaire now!) since I'm probably not going to write anything else before the deadline and it works! Not very good but ehhh might as well :D

Characters: Iwaizumi Hajime & Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu)
Theme: Boundaries
AU: Family/Parents

Chapter 6 - ZombiesAU!

Your muscles began to loosen as you walked with Daichi, each stride feeling a little better. The soreness still rippled through your body but the movement warmed your limbs, shaking off some of the heaviness your panic attack created. He led you out a door into the sunlight, blinding you for a moment. But Daichi steadied you with a hand at your elbow. 

“This way,” He guided gently. “All our food is served in the mess hall. It’s everyone’s responsibility to cook on their off day so the food will vary, but everyone can make at least simple meals. Though if you ever get Suga in the kitchen it’s your lucky day for sure. One time he even figured out how to make cookies without using all our sugar rations. Unfortunately for us and him he rarely gets days off, being our primary medical doctor.” He caught himself rambling and shook his head smiling. “I’m getting ahead of myself. It will probably be a bit plain today since we’re waiting on a shipment, but it’s always filling at least.”

“Was I supposed to be bringing the food shipment?” You asked quietly.  

“Among other things, yes. Food wasn’t the only supply in the shipment but it was part of it.” Daichi’s response was matter of fact but you couldn’t help the guilt that seemed to settle on your shoulders. 

“I’m sorry.” 

Daichi stopped walking and turned to you abruptly, his face serious. “(First), don’t feel guilty about this. It was a routine supply run, not an emergency restocking. We have plenty of food, and it’s not your fault your transport crashed. You were lucky to get out alive.”

You blinked at his response. “But I should have brought more supplies! There’s probably still more at the crash site that I just left.” 

“There might be some still there. We’re planning on sending a runner pair at some point to check. But really it’s more important that you made it out safe.”

“But I can’t feed people! You heard the general, now that I’m here food will go even faster. We should go now!” 

Daichi put a hand on your shoulder, gentle but firm, stopping your escalating concern. “We can’t go now. The crash may still be dangerous, not to mention the noise and the heat will have attracted all the zoms in the area. Don’t worry, we will go when it is safe. We have Tsukishima monitoring the area and nothing in the shipment was particularly perishable. Even the food being sent was mostly dried goods. So stop blaming yourself (First). It’s most important that you’re here, alive, with us.” 

You felt a flush creep up your neck at his words, but you were saved from having to respond as he turned to keep walking towards the nondescript grey building that was your destination. 

You looked around yourself for the first time since coming outside. The buildings in the compound all matched, making a rather dull scene in shades of grey. The squat building that was your destination was only distinguished by a small scrubby garden surrounded by high fencing on one side. 

The cheery colors of the plants were jarring against the bland colors of everything else in sight. You glanced over your shoulder, realizing you weren’t even sure which of the drab buildings you had emerged from. You shook your head, promising yourself to stick close to Daichi, only to turn and realize he had already entered the building. 

Great (First), so much for sticking close to Daichi. You thought to yourself with an eye roll. You cautiously opened the door and peeked your head in. 

Daichi stood at one of the small tables, the only one occupied, talking to the people seated there. 

“And please don’t be weird, Kuroo, you know she’s been through a lot.” You heard him say. 

“Why are you worried about me when these two are here?” Kuroo grumbled to Daichi while one of men hooted with laughter and the other tried looked angelic. 

Daichi just rolled his eyes. “Seriously you three, behave.” You stood half hidden by the door, uncertain if you should enter, but Daichi turned, saw you waiting, and waved you over. 

“Guys this is (First).” Daichi’s hand on your shoulder as he introduced you felt comforting. “(First) you already met Kuroo here.”

“Hello kitten, Kuroo Tetsurou at your service.” The bed-headed man grinned at you. 

“And this is Bokuto Koutarou and Oikawa Tooru.” 

Bokuto’s grin matched Kuroo’s, his golden eyes fixed on your in an intense stare. Feeling uncomfortable you glanced away, and caught your view instead on a pair of chocolate-brown eyes also fixed on you. But instead of fascination these eyes showed shock. You blinked in surprise at the expression you saw on his face, but by the time you looked again it had been replaced by a grin as well. 

“Welcome (First). It’s good to see you.” His smile lit up his entire face, masking any other emotion that you wondered if you had imagined his reaction to seeing you. But even with his grin he kept his eyes fixed on your face as if searching for an answer to a question he hadn’t asked yet. 

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet all of you.” You managed a small smile. “And thank you for your help the other day. I remember you outside the walls. You saved my life.” 

Bokuto puffed up at the praise. “That’s because we’re the best defense team there is.” You smiled as the others just rolled their eyes at Bokuto.

“Is it true you can’t remember anything (First)? Anything from before the crash?” You could hear the deep curiosity behind Oikawa’s light tone as they all turned their attention back to you.

You nodded awkwardly, uncomfortable with the weight of their stares. 

“But what about your name?” 

“I just remembered it earlier when I was talking to Daichi.” You didn’t want to go into the details of your nightmare.  

“Oh ho ho ho, Daichi? On a first name basis already, are we Sawamura?” Kuroo smirked.

“My my you work quick when a cute girl is involved. We’ve know you for years and still call you Sawamura.” Oikawa fairly purred as Bokuto hooted with laughter at Daichi’s rapidly reddening face. Oikawa then turned his attention to you. “Only Suga calls Sawamura by his first name, but they’ve known each other for forever.” 

You flushed as you realized you had  been using his first name. “I-I… I hadn’t even realized I was doing that.” You glanced at Dai—Sawamura in a panic, worried you’d insulted him.  

He smiled reassuringly back at you even though his cheeks were still pink. “It’s fine (First). I don’t mind.”

“Of course not, Sawamura. Look how adorable she is, even after what she went through. No wonder you like her calling you Daichi.” Oikawa giggled, actually giggled, as Bokuto and Kuroo snorted as Daic—Sawamura dammit, frowned at Oikawa.  

“Oi Shittykawa, you’re irritating me from here. Knock it off.” A deep voice rumbled from behind you. 

“Iwa-chan, so rude! And in front of a guest too!” Oikawa pouted. 

Another guy appeared in the kitchen window behind you, wiping his hands on a towel. The sleeves of his dark shirt had been rolled up, revealing attractive and well-muscled arms, and there was a spot of flour on his forehead. His scowl seemed to ease when he saw you, but you felt intimidated nonetheless and shifted a step closer to Daichi. You were really struggling to think of him as Sawamura after thinking of him as Daichi for so long. 

Daichi looked relieved to change the topic. “Yo Iwaizumi, got anything warm? (First) could use some real food.”

“Yeah I still have some fresh soup if that's good.” 

They all looked at you and you stared back, belatedly realizing they were giving you an option. “Oh, yeah that’s perfect. Thank you.” Iwazuimi nodded and disappeared back into what you assumed was the kitchen before reappearing suddenly with a large bowl filled to the brim with soup. 

“(First), sit with me!” Oikawa patted the bench next to him, sounding more like a child than an adult. As you sat Iwaizumi placed the soup in front of you and you murmured your thanks. With your first bite the savory soup seemed to warm you to your core and sooth you too. 

“This is delicious!” You sighed, taking another enthusiastic bite. 

“(First) you’re making Iwa-chan blush!” Oikawa cooed.

“Shut up Shittykawa.” Iwaizumi growled, but the compliment did pinken his cheeks. 

Oikawa smiled and bumped shoulders with you, eliciting a giggle and a shoulder bump back. It felt so familiar you froze for a moment, trying to remember when you had done that before. Your sudden stop drew the attention of the others. 

“(First)…” Daichi’s voice was quiet but concerned. 

You looked up and smiled. “Sorry, I thought I started to remember something but it slipped away.” You busied yourself with taking another bite. 

“So when you say you can’t remember anything, what does that mean?” Kuroo asked, breaking the silence. “You obviously still remember basic things like language, and you remembered your name. Is there anything else you remember?” 


“What’s your favorite color?” Bokuto interrupted your confused thoughts.

“(Color).” You replied, no hesitation in your voice. You looked at Bokuto in shock. “But I… how did…”

“So it’s all still in there somewhere, just locked away somehow.” Oikawa studied you thoughtfully. 

“Let her eat her soup before we drill her with questions.” Daichi frowned. 

“No it’s fine really, I can eat and talk.” You smiled at everyone around the table. “Bokuto ask me another!” 

You spent the remainder of your meal being peppered with questions from all of them in an attempt to unlock more memories.  A few questions you could answer quickly, the simple ones like favorite color. Others gave you fuzzy ideas in your head, like the sound of a friend’s laugh or the warmth of a hug. But you couldn’t remember names, and faces stayed blurry. Most of the questions you couldn’t answer, especially as Bokuto and Kuroo got more and more ridiculous in with their questions. By the time your finished your soup your  response to Bokuto asking what you would bring to survive on a dessert, yes dessert, island was laughter punctuated by increasingly frequent yawns. 

Noticing your exhaustion Daichi interrupted the game. “(First), why don’t you head back and rest for a bit? You have training starting later today and you’re still recovering.” 

Another yawn was your response, earning a chuckle from the men sitting around the table with you. 

“Thank you again for the delicious food, Iwaizumi, and thank you for helping me remember at least a little.” You thanked them as Daichi escorted you back out of the mess hall. 

“Bye (First), have a nice nap! We’ll be ready with more questions next time!” Bokuto called after you. You smiled back at them with a small wave, before turning to follow Daichi back to the med bay, turning over the new information they had helped you unlock. It wasn’t much but it was a start. 

The Questions - DaichixReader
Do I have finals? Yes
Should I be studying? Yes
Do I want to write anyways? Yes

Oh dear somehow i spent my studying time doing this instead of, you know, studying... and it's not even that great of a chapter but whatever let's keep this story moving along

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I don't own Haikyuu 
I do own the plot


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