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Chapter 4 - ZombiesAU!

Warning for some curse words. (Hey, you would swear too if it was the zombie apocalypse)

“A defense team is going to meet you at the gates to make sure you get in safely.” 

 You were close enough to see people walking along the top of the wall, gesturing between you and the gate as you approached. The smell of rotting flesh washed over you with each gust of wind at your back, letting you know exactly how close your undead pursuers were behind you but you didn’t dare look back. Instead you stared intently at the gates in front of you as they groaned open a sliver, beckoning you in. 

“You’re almost back, keep running!” Daichi kept cheering you on as each breath tore from your throat and your feet kept pounding. Four people slipped out of the opened gates and took up positions to watch your final stretch. 

When a loud groan sounded over your shoulder a crack split the air as wind whistled past you, cutting off the groan. 

They’re shooting.They’re shooting at me. Panic gripped you as irrational thoughts seemed to flood your brain. You knew they weren’t shooting you, they were shooting to protect you, but something felt horrifyingly familiar.

The men were backlit by the gate floodlights, and the shadowy figures and gunfire tugged at a memory until it pulled loose and crashed into you. 

Suddenly you can’t escape the dark room with a single light bulb and the shadowy man standing over you. The memory seemed to swallow you up, leaving no awareness of anything else. You drop to the ground in a protective fetal position closing your eyes against the shadowy figure and the perilously dim light. 

A voice sounds in the distance of your awareness. Daichi, yelling in your ear to keep running, that they aren’t shooting at you, to get up and keep going. But the part of your brain that registers the logic of his words has been overpowered by the panic flooding your system.

“What the fuck is she doing?” a voice nearby roared. “Someone cover me, I’m going to get her. Bokuto, get the box!”

The shadow man stepped closer and suddenly his arms wrapped around you, lifting you from the ground. You screamed and tried to wriggle free but his grip was too tight as he carried you. 

“I’m so sorry, don’t do it!” You begged, sobbing as he grappled with your flailing limbs. “Don’t hurt Keiji, please no more!”

You words startled him enough to glance down at your face, his golden eyes meeting your terrified gaze, before he once again focused on fending off the zoms and getting you inside the gate. As the gunfire fades behind you the shadows begin to melt away. 

“Kuroo get her into the med bay, I’m getting the emergency supplies.” A grey-haired man rushed past and the man carrying you changed direction to head deeper into the compound. 

“Get the defense team in here and shut those gates!” A familiar voice ordered from next to you. Daichi. The man carrying you, Kuroo, tossed his weapon to Daichi and readjusted his grip on you as he jogged to the med bay. 

“Just take some deep slow breaths and you’ll start feeling better, kitten.” His voice rumbled through you and you suddenly sucked in a huge breath without realizing you had been holding it. “There you go, just like that.” 

You shut your eyes and focused on your breathing to try and calm down, your whole body shaking like a leaf in a storm. You didn’t open your eyes until you were placed gently on a med bay bed. 

Sugawara’s examination passed in a blur. Kuroo and Daichi turned away to give you privacy but didn’t leave, instead they stood together and talked quietly. Suga would occasionally murmur small apologies for the intrusions but you were too tired and in too much pain to care. He tried asking you questions about yourself but quickly gave up when he realized you had as much information about yourself as he did, which was none. He noticed your wrist and was impressed at how you managed to set it by yourself somewhat but carrying the box has strained it and as he readjusted your bones you blacked out from the pain.

When you came to your examination was complete and your scratches and cuts had all been tended to. The three men stood off to the side talking in low voices as Suga explained the injuries you sustained to them. 

“She has obvious bruising and lacerations from the crash as well as her escape from the clinic, not to mention the bruised rib and dislocated wrist, but that’s not what concerns me the most. She’s severely dehydrated and has bruises that are days old at least. She also has low iron that I was worried at first indicated she was bleeding internally but that isn’t the case. And she has puncture wounds all across her body that needed treatment.” Suga’s voice held quiet worry as he spoke. 

“You mean they sent us an addict?” Kuroo’s voice raised in concern. 

“That is one possible explanation, but she has no drugs in her system and isn’t suffering from withdrawal, which doesn’t match how recent the wounds are.”

“And old bruising and dehydration. That doesn’t make sense.” Daichi interjected thoughtfully. “She would have been dehydrated before she got on the chopper then.”

“When I picked her up she started freaking out and begging me not to hurt her. I thought it was just because we were shooting but then she started pleading for me to not hurt ‘Keiji’ anymore, and when I looked at her she seemed completely lost. Like she couldn’t even see where she was anymore.”

The other two stared at Kuroo for a moment, digesting what he said before Suga spoke. 

“It could be part of PTSD or some trauma, having flashbacks of what occurred and losing grip on reality temporarily.”

“Do we know anyone from her base named Keiji?”

Kuroo frowned. “I knew someone from that area but haven’t heard of them since the outbreak. And he didn’t have a sister.” 

“A girlfriend?” Suga asked hopefully. 

Kuroo shook his head. “Definitely not. Trust me.”

Suga sighed. “Maybe we should ask-“

“No!” Kuroo’s yell made you jump but you remained silent. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout but Bokuto was very close to him, and if he thinks Keiji is alive and in some kind of trouble he’d be gone to fight the entire base unprovoked. Can we keep that between us until we know more?”

Daichi nodded solemnly. “I agree, there are too many unknowns right now, we don’t want to cause a panic. I’ll update the general with the most important parts.”

“We’ll need to watch her, especially if she’s been traumatized. We don’t want her to be a danger to others. Or herself.” The all nodded solemnly at Suga’s statement.

“We’ll all three keep an eye on her.”

“Keep an eye on whom?” The new voice made you shrink into the bed a bit and shut your eyes to pretend sleep.

Daichi straightened to give a small salute to the newcomer. “On her sir, to monitor her condition. Suga has had a few late nights so we don’t want to keep him up all night.”

You tensed as you felt his calculating gaze sweep over you. It’s not cold precisely, but it felt more like he was crunching numbers than looking at a human. “Is she stable? We can’t afford to take on any extreme cases.” 

“She’s stable sir, and no bites on her anywhere.” Suga spoke soothingly. With that you decided to join the conversation, groaning a bit as you struggled to sit up. Suga was by your side in a moment as the other stepped closer to the bed. 

“How are you feeling?” He asked gently, taking your vitals with practiced ease.

“Alive.” You croaked, wincing as he touched a particularly tender bruise.  

Suga smiled at your response. “We’ll thats certainly important.” 

“Is she able to work?” The general interrupted.

Suga frowned. “Not for a while, she’ll need time to rest and heal.” You watched the general’s face slip into a deeper frown and panic seemed to claw back to the surface. You couldn’t get thrown out. You wouldn’t survive.

“I can work! I’m fine!” The desperation must have been obvious in your voice for Suga patted your hand comfortingly and sent a glare at the general.

“Yes, you will be able to but not until you are healed.” He held up a hand to stop your interrupting protest.  “I won’t hear it, you are a strong, healthy individual and will heal quickly but you need to heal and that comes first.”

The general stepped closer. “What can you do? We don’t accept burdens, and you weren’t supposed to stay as a resident.”

Your mouth opened and closed as you searched for something to say.  “I have some general medical knowledge I think, I really can’t remember what I do, or even why I was in the helicopter.”

“We already have a medical staff, highly talented.”

“What’s one more helper?” Suga asked. 

“One more mouth eating food more quickly than before without providing a helpful service.” The general shot back. His brutal honestly stung and dread was settling in your stomach. How could you prove your worth when you couldn’t even remember? 

“Sir, you can’t expect her to prove her worth if she can’t remember who she is.” Daichi said, echoing your thoughts.

The general just frowned. “We can’t waste resources.”

Daichi looked like he was going to argue but Suga spoke up instead “Sir, we know she is in top physical condition other than her current injuries. And we have a runner opening. Her injuries will heal rather quickly now that I’ve looked at them. She would definitely be useful there.” He glanced back at you before continuing. “And we know she can run.”

He considered it for a moment and you tried to sit up straighter to make yourself seem healthier. Finally he nodded. “She may become a runner as long as her training begins immediately and she runs as soon as she is healed.”

Daichi nodded crisply. “Yes sir.”

And without another word the general walked out. You collapsed back against the bed, suddenly exhausted. Suga gave you a small smile before puttering around to make you more comfortable. “You should get some rest. We’ll be right here if you need anything.” 

You snuggled into the bed and shut your eyes as they left the med bay, but your exhaustion didn’t prevent you from overhearing Daichi and Suga speaking by the door. 

“Something is not right Daichi. Those old bruises, the injuries. And she’s underfed. We need to find out what happened to her.”

“I agree the bruises are strange, but everyone is underfed. Crops were down a bit last year so winter was tight.”

Suga shook his head. “Underfed isn’t the word for it. More like bordering on starving. I’m actually surprised she was able to make it as far as she did.”

“I thought their base was rather well stocked. I mean, they supply us so how could she be starving?”

Suga didn’t offer an answer, staring through the darkened room at your silhouette on the bed. “I don’t know, but it makes me wonder what’s really happening at the base over there.” He sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. “We won’t get any answers until her memory returns.”

Daichi clapped a hand on Suga’s shoulder. “No use worrying right now then. You get some sleep. Kuroo and I will check on her tonight.”

As you listened to their footsteps receding in the corridor you tried to recall what kind of life you must have led before this morning and slipped into an uneasy sleep. 

This is a moderate crack-fic because wouldn't this just be the most hysterical? 

"(First)-chan?" Kiyoko's soft voice broke into your daydream, snapping you back to the camp kitchen. You blinked, looking up from the half-stirred bowl of eggs you held to meet her grey eyes. 

"Sorry Kiyoko-chan, what did you ask me?" You asked sheepishly, beginning to stir again. 

"Could you drop off the fresh uniforms with the captains? We're almost finished making breakfast." Kiyoko repeated gently. 

"Sure thing!" You smiled as you set the bowl down. 

"I could do it if you want to stay (First)." Another manager offered. 

"Thanks but I got it. It's probably better this way, now I can't ruin the food. Right, Kiyoko?" You grinned as Kiyoko nodded.

"Our food is much safer without you." You laughed at her assessment as the other managers giggled. 

"Then for the safety of our food I'll be off. See you at breakfast!" You called over your shoulder as you snatched the laundry basket and headed to the boys wing of the training camp.

"Good morning boys! Rise and shine! Captains, I have fresh uniforms!" You sang as you marched down the hallway, the overflowing laundry basket propped precariously on one hip. With your free hand you banged on each door as you passed, ensuring any occupants who had managed to sleep through your wake up call would certainly be awake now. Once you reached the end of the hallway you plopped the basket onto the floor and turned to watch the groggy volleyball players trickle into the hallway. 

"Well don't we all look handsome this morning." You cooed as the guys tried to wipe dried drool off their face and fix bad cases of bed head. "Bokuto, you missed a spot." You giggled as you pointed to your cheek indicating where a bit of dried drool was left on the normally hyperactive captain's face. He half-heartedly swiped at his face as he yawned and then ran a hand through his deflated owl hair. 

"(First)-chan you seem awfully chipper this morning." A voice purred from next to you as a heavy arm draped itself across your shoulders. 

"Hey Kuroo, why am I not surprised that you look exactly the same? Your bed hair hasn't shifted. And I'm always happy."

He smirked and poked your cheek. "It's nice to know you're paying attention to me."

"Yeah yeah, just grab your laundry." You shrugged his arm off your shoulder and bent to hand the Nekoma practice uniforms to x him.

"How did you end up on laundry duty alone?" 

"Because the other managers are making breakfast." You plopped the stack of red and black jerseys into his waiting arms. At the mention of food everyone seemed to snap awake so with a glint in your eye you raised your voice. "And they're ready to serve hot and fresh breakfast."

Suddenly everyone rushed to be ready as the captains shuffled forward to grab their laundry. Once all the uniforms were handed out you picked up the empty basket and left the captains to distribute the clothes. 

"Make sure you have everything you need and there aren't any uniform mix ups. Akaashi, can you check for Bokuto? I want to make sure someone responsible checks."

"(FIIIIRST)!" Bokuto moaned, sliding into his first depressed mood for the day as Kuroo cackled. 

"Just teasing Bokuto, don't sulk." You smiled at the pouting ace before popping on tip toe to give him a peck on the cheek to cheer him up again. "I'm heading back to the kitchen, just let me know if anything's missing."

As you turned your back on the various teams a sudden hush fell over the boys. 

"Uh, (First)?" Sawamura's voice called for you uncertainly from the other end of the hallway. You turned to find all the teams staring in silent fascination and horror as he raised his hand to show what he held, his face completely pink. 

A pair of black lace panties dangled from his fingers. 

"How did those get in there?" You walked over and plucked them from his hand, studying them with a small frown. "They must be one of the managers."

With a shrug and an innocent smile you skipped back down the hallway. 

The nurse's station was suddenly overrun with nosebleeds and no one made it to breakfast on time...

Must be a manager's - HaikyuuxReader
rewatching the past seasons and this scenario popped into my head and i simply had to write it and share the ridiculousness 

I don't own Haikyuu
I do own the absurd plot

Chapter 3 - ZombiesAU! 

Broken glass cracked underfoot as you navigated your way through the shadowy hallways of the abandoned health clinic. 

“We won't be able to see you once you're inside but you'll probably still be able to hear us. Take a max fifteen minute sweep of the easily accessible parts of the building and grab what you can before heading out. We’ll keep an eye on the outside, but unfortunately we can't help you once inside the building so stay focused.” Daichi had warned you when you had entered the building. 

It was eerily quiet behind the crackle of your radio. Overturned hospital beds forced you to zigzag through the halls, ripped curtains fluttering as you skirted past. You snatched at every reasonable looking bottle and container you could, inspecting for leaks or cracks before stuffing them in your pockets. You hadn’t paid much attention to your uniform before but you discovered a seemingly endless supply of pockets spread across your body. You contemplated the design as you kept moving. Military maybe? You couldn’t be certain. There weren’t any markers to indicate what the uniform represented, and you certainly didn’t feel like a soldier. 

No use worrying about that now, you thought to yourself as you snatched a handful of capped syringes from a broken cabinet. You shivered as you stared at the needles, wanting to fling them as far away from you as possible without really knowing why. But you needed any bit of help you could to ensure you would be allowed into the base so you shook off your irrational shiver and shoved them in your last empty pocket. Patting yourself to make sure you were fully stocked you began picking your way past the debris to find the exit. 

“Fifteen minutes…exit…north side…zoms…” Daichi’s voice crackled to life, his phrases fractured. You froze immediately. Zombies? On the north side? Or was he saying take the north exit? You listened for more help but your radio remained silent, leaving you alone with the thrum of your heart. Without more instructions you decided you were better off moving. You could run to the north exit and if that exit was blocked… well you would figure something out. With a decision made you glanced around to determine which way the north exit was, mentally retracing your steps in the clinic. 

A door down the hallway to your left creaked on its hinges as it opened, making the decision for you. 

You sprinted off to the right, your filled pockets thumping against you with each step as you maneuvered through the hallways. A few times you swore you heard steps behind you but each time you glanced back there was nothing there.  

The relief you felt upon seeing the exit ahead of you was short lived when shadows crossed the threshold, coming towards you. You swore under your breath and turned down the nearest hallway. The steps behind you were louder now. You were not alone. And your exit was blocked. 

Sprinting around another corner, your ankle collided with a metal box that sent you sprawling against the wall. 

“Damn it!” You gasped as you caught your breath and struggled to stand up again, hands slipping against the windowsill. With a gasp a crazy plan formed in your head. 

“Where the heck are you? Get out of the building, zoms are flooding in!” Your radio roared back to life as you snatched the metal box from the floor and hefted it up. 

“Here goes nothing,” you muttered to yourself, and you flung the box through the window. It tumbled to the ground in a shower of glass shards. 

“Daichi did you see that? Something just flew out that window.” Suga’s voice echoed in the background as you kicked the largest shards out of the frame. Before you could rethink your plan you stepped onto the ledge and jumped. 

“It’s an official WHO box. It might contain valuable documents.” The general’s flat voice rang in your ears as you groaned and tried to stand from where you had landed in a heap. 

“I recommend you bring that box with you, survivor. It may have information more valuable than your own life.”  

As if to punctuate his words a guttural groan sounded from the window behind you. Without pausing for breath you stood and snatched the box. Bits of broken glass floated off of you as you ran like some twisted form of fairy dust. 

“You’re doing great. If you keep heading in the same direction you’ll crest a hill and see the compound in a few minutes.” Daichi encouraged. 

“Shouldn’t you mention the horde chasing them?”

“Shut up Tsukishima!”

“Well, they should know. Maybe it would make them run faster.”

“Ignore him. You’re doing great, just keep it up and you’ll stay well ahead of them.”

You grimaced as the box tugged painfully on your injured wrist as it banged against your leg with each stride. You can feel yourself slowing down, exhaustion, pain, and the cumbersome box taking a toll on your body but you kept one thought in your mind as you reached the top of the hill and caught your first glimpse of the safety that lay ahead. 

I refuse to die. 

The Clinic - DaichixReader
Can you outrun the zombies? We're going to meet people at the base in the next chapter so get pumped

hit me with some feedback, next chapter coming soon! 

I don't own Haikyuu
I do own the story 

Chapter 2 - ZombiesAU! 


The first fifteen minutes of your mad dash to sanctuary were pure hell. Everything hurt; your lungs burned as you desperately gulped for air, and your limbs felt like they were going to fall off. After half an hour everything had settled into a numb ache and your breathing had evened out to match the monotony of your pounding steps. 

The radio occasionally crackled back to life, the same radio operator, Daichi, repeating his directions to the base interspersed with the grumbles of another voice. 

“Tsukishima can’t you hurry with the video. I want confirmation on the crash and surrounding area. Our scanner shows a life-form has been consistently moving east and it could be a survivor.”

You almost stumbled with relief as you heard you were headed in the correct direction. 

“Tch, this isn’t exactly high tech equipment. You’ll be lucky if I wrangle anything out of it other than static. I think something’s been chewing the wires.” A new voice joined the conversation, a hint of concern hidden beneath a snarky response. 

“Don’t worry Tsukishima, I believe in you. After all you’re the best technician we have in the base.” A beat passed before you heard a deep chuckle. “I can’t believe that made you blush, we’ll have to give you compliments more frequently Tsukishima.”

“Shut up, I’m not blushing. It’s too damn hot in this stuffy closet you call an office.”

The deep chuckle returned but conversation halted while you assumed they kept working, so you kept running. The silence lasted for about five minutes when it was suddenly pierced with a loud whoop. You gasped in response and added a small burst of speed as adrenaline flooded your body from the startle. 

“Tsukishima you are a genius! We have visual!” 

“Oh my god someone’s alive down there.”

“They’re headed this way. Hello, this is Karasuno’s Radio Tower, can you hear us? Can you respond?”

You gasped as you realized they could see you. 

“I’m here!” You screamed before realizing they wouldn’t be able to hear you, and your extra noise would probably just attract whatever was out there. 

“Hmm, we lack audio but maybe they can still hear us.There’s a ridge in front to you, you’ll want to run over the more northeastern side of it for easiest terrain.”

You shifted course to match his directions and were rewarded with another cheer. 

Yes, they can hear us! Tsukishima we need to be prepared for their arrival. Inform the general and Suga while I monitor them. They’re moving at a good pace but they could still be injured and we don’t want any surprises. You’re doing great, keep heading the direction you’re running in and we will give you more directions as you get closer.”

You ran again in silence, hope suddenly lifting your spirits as survival seemed much more possible. You could have danced with joy at the fortuitous change of events until another set of voices joined the conversation. 

“What’s this about a crash survivor?” The statement was blunt, the deep baritone lacking any hint of emotion.

“General Ushijima. As you can see there is a survivor making their way to the base as we speak.” 

“And do they bring supplies?”

“I don’t believe so, sir. The crash likely destroyed the supplies and they are probably injured.” Daichi’s voice was suddenly wary. 

“They are healthy enough to run.”

“Sir I’m not sure there is anything we can do at this point. They’re five miles from the crash already.”

“Aren’t they going to pass the clinic on their current trajectory?”

“Yes.” Daichi’s response was stiff, already anticipating the general’s request. 

“Then they can detour and pick up supplies while they are out.”

“Sir, if they are injured an extra detour could be disastrous. We don’t know the extent of their injuries.” A gentle voice spoke faintly in the background. 

“All the more reason they should get supplies from the hospital. They were supposed to bring supplies anyways, and without them they are just another mouth to feed. Everyone here carries their own weight, we can’t accept a useless addition.”

Your heart constricted as you listened. The clinic building in question was visible north of you. 

“Additionally the detour will make them harder to track for anyone still trying to kill them. We still don’t know who caused the crashed.” 

The icy grip of fear tightened as you contemplated this new threat. Without a moment’s hesitation you veered off course towards the clinic where the scrub grass you had been running through gave way to a few abandoned buildings and roads. 

“They’ve already diverted their path so it’s clear they understand. Those supplies could be the difference between their entrance to the base or not.” The general’s voice was level though you could hear a few gasps at his proclamation. 

The exertion of the run and blood loss you had suffered were making your head feel light; you weren’t sure how long you would last at this rate. But you’d be damned if you came all this way to be turned away at the gate so you kept putting one foot in front of the other, arms pumping, lungs burning, and hoped you wouldn’t collapse as the shadow of the abandoned clinic loomed before you. 

The General - DaichixReader
Woohooooo part two and more people are on the base! Also I know Ushijima is not a Karasuno member but I really like the idea of him being in charge of everything

I don't own Haikyuu
I do own the story :D

Chapter 1 - Zombie Apocalypse au! 

Warnings for some (not really) graphic descriptions. 

Something was burning, the acrid smoke pulling you out of the comfortable darkness. A voice crackled in the background as you struggled to pull your eyelids open. The light was suddenly blinding, and it was several long moments of painful blinking before the world around you finally came into focus. 

The first thing you saw was the body. 

Its limbs were twisted at odd angles, one of them having been completely ripped off, with a piece of metal protruding grotesquely from its abdomen leaving little doubt they were dead. 

You turned away and quickly emptied your stomach. 

Wiping the back of your hand against your mouth you took a few deep breaths and spat to clear the foul taste from your mouth before glancing around at your surroundings. You were in the cab of something. 


The word came quickly to mind, like a bubble rushing to the surface of a dark lake. You sat for a moment to see if any other realizations would follow, even staring at the body next to you for as long as you could bear to see if you could remember them.


Staying in a smoldering crash didn’t seem like a good idea regardless of your memory (or lack thereof), so you began disentangling yourself from the straps that held you in place. You brushed broken glass and other bits of debris off, wincing as you started to feel your injuries. A dislocated wrist for sure, and various scratches and bruises. Nothing else seemed broken, though you may have bruised a rib from the pain on each inhale, and a concussion was definitely possible with the pounding in your head. The catalogue of injuries seemed to come easily as well, like you had done this before. It wasn’t exactly a comforting thought. 

Then the voice you had heard early came back, a crackling sound catching your attention until you notice the cracked radio. Your own headset lays at your feet, hopelessly smashed, but the pair on the pilot (at least you assumed they had been the pilot since you were fairly certain you didn’t know how to fly a helicopter) still seemed to be working. You gingerly leaned over and attempted to wiggle it off their head, apologizing for each jostle and trying not to look at their vacant eyes.

You plop the headset on your ears until all you can hear is the dull roar of the radio. Right as you begin to worry you had imagined the voice it suddenly returns. 

“This is Karasuno’s Radio Tower, Operator Daichi speaking. Is there anyone alive? Are there any crash survivors?” 

“I’m here.” Your voice cracks as you speak, worn out from exhaustion, dehydration, and disuse. “I’m here! Where am I? Help me!” You try to keep a lid on your rising panic. 

“Our scanners show possible signs of life. If any survivors can hear me, you’re about eight miles west of the base. Get yourself out of the crash and start heading east as soon as possible. There’s no doubt the crash has attracted the attention of all the nearby zoms*. If you can hear me do yourself a favor and start running. Oi Tsukishima get this video working, I want visual on the crash before we deem it a lost cause.”

Realizing he can’t hear you hurts, but you don’t have time to be upset. You need to move. You grab the portable radio from the dash and twist the dial until the voice comes out of it as well. You may not be able to talk back but it was comforting to hear another human, and it may help if he continues to give directions. 

You try to reset your wrist as well as you can by yourself, and after the blinding pain turned to a dull throb and your vision cleared you blinked the tears away and pulled yourself from the wreckage. 

With a stumble you tried to gain your bearings. What direction had he said to go? East? Where was east? 

You instinctually start moving a particular direction, hoping your gut was right about it being east. 

And then you began to run. 
The Crash - DaichixReader
Here it is! The first part of the Zombie apocalypse series I want to write! Currently I have it in my head as a daichixreader because Daichi is #1 bae but that may change 
Note: Zoms = zombies 
Inspiration comes from Zombies, Run! which I highly recommend you look into if you have a hard time motivating yourself to exercise. It will follow the beginning plot a bit but I've already planned some plot of my own 
Expect lots of other characters to pop up (I also might genderbend some to keep gender ratios closer to even in the story so let me know about your OTPs regardless of gender because I want to toss a bunch in) 

As always feedback is super appreciated!!!! 

I don't own Haikyuu (or Zombies, Run!) but I do own the writing! 


No journal entries yet.


United States

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