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That's my girl|ParentsAU! OikawaxReaderxIwaizumi
"Thank you for coming in on such short notice, I know you must be very busy." 
"Oh it's not a problem, it was our day off anyways, right Iwa-chan? And we always prioritize (Name)'s education." Oikawa gave the principal a bright smile. 
"Yes well, let's get right to it then, shall we. Unfortunately (Name) is in my office today because she has gotten in trouble for fighting with another student in her class."
Iwaizumi frowned but remained silent as he glanced at (Name) in the corner. (Name) kept her eyes down at her feet when she felt the adults looking at her. It didn't sound like his daughter to fight, but instead of getting worked up he let Oikawa to voice their confusion. "She was fighting? What for?"
"According to the teacher report she shoved a boy in her class and he fell." The principal tapped the written report next to him. 
"(Name), why did you push him?" Iwaizumi ignored the principal as he turned to (Name)
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The Questions - DaichixReader
Chapter 6 - ZombiesAU!
Your muscles began to loosen as you walked with Daichi, each stride feeling a little better. The soreness still rippled through your body but the movement warmed your limbs, shaking off some of the heaviness your panic attack created. He led you out a door into the sunlight, blinding you for a moment. But Daichi steadied you with a hand at your elbow. 
“This way,” He guided gently. “All our food is served in the mess hall. It’s everyone’s responsibility to cook on their off day so the food will vary, but everyone can make at least simple meals. Though if you ever get Suga in the kitchen it’s your lucky day for sure. One time he even figured out how to make cookies without using all our sugar rations. Unfortunately for us and him he rarely gets days off, being our primary medical doctor.” He caught himself rambling and shook his head smiling. “I’m getting ahead of myself. It will probably
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The Name - DaichixReader
Chapter 5 - ZombiesAU!
“How are you doing (First)?”
Your eyelids felt weighted as you tried to open them, blinking against the harsh light. A hand brushed your forehead, feeling your temperature and lingering a moment longer. You swallowed but your mouth was dry, your tongue sticking to the roof of your mouth. 
“Doctor?” You surprised yourself as the word slipped out before you realized it, your voice a croak. 
“This last week has been harder on you than previous ones I know. But don’t worry, we are making great progress.” You recognized the voice but were completely at a loss for where you had heard it before. Instead of responding you nodded as if you understood their words. The overhead operating lamp was too bright to see the room around you. 
“The lights.” You croaked. “Too bright.” 
“Now now, (First). You understand observation is an important part of medical research.
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The Big Four (2/4) - KurooxReader
Year 2 - The Wall
A knock on the door interrupted your reading. You blinked as you pulled your gaze away from your textbook, wondering if you had imagined the sound.
"Someone knocked." Kenma didn't bother to pull his own gaze from his screen as he informed you. Instead he remained curled up next to you on the couch, intensely focused on the game in his hand.
"Who could it be this late?" You wondered aloud and you felt Kenma shrug at your side. You glanced around. "Do you think Kuroo forgot his keys again? Where is he anyways? He knew I was coming over to study."
Kenma shrugged again, apparently unconcerned for his missing roommate as the knock sounded at the door again.
"Coming!" You called, setting the book aside and gently dislodging Kenma from your side. The fact that he was comfortable enough with you to sit so close was a testament to how far your friendship had come from first meeting him when you emerged from the lake shivering and wet your first y
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The Rescue - DaichixReader
Chapter 4 - ZombiesAU!
Warning for some curse words. (Hey, you would swear too if it was the zombie apocalypse)
“A defense team is going to meet you at the gates to make sure you get in safely.” 
 You were close enough to see people walking along the top of the wall, gesturing between you and the gate as you approached. The smell of rotting flesh washed over you with each gust of wind at your back, letting you know exactly how close your undead pursuers were behind you but you didn’t dare look back. Instead you stared intently at the gates in front of you as they groaned open a sliver, beckoning you in. 
“You’re almost back, keep running!” Daichi kept cheering you on as each breath tore from your throat and your feet kept pounding. Four people slipped out of the opened gates and took up positions to watch your final stretch. 
When a loud groan sounded over your shoulder a crack split the air as wind
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Must be a manager's - HaikyuuxReader
This is a moderate crack-fic because wouldn't this just be the most hysterical? 
"(First)-chan?" Kiyoko's soft voice broke into your daydream, snapping you back to the camp kitchen. You blinked, looking up from the half-stirred bowl of eggs you held to meet her grey eyes. 
"Sorry Kiyoko-chan, what did you ask me?" You asked sheepishly, beginning to stir again. 
"Could you drop off the fresh uniforms with the captains? We're almost finished making breakfast." Kiyoko repeated gently. 
"Sure thing!" You smiled as you set the bowl down. 
"I could do it if you want to stay (First)." Another manager offered. 
"Thanks but I got it. It's probably better this way, now I can't ruin the food. Right, Kiyoko?" You grinned as Kiyoko nodded.
"Our food is much safer without you." You laughed at her assessment as the other managers giggled. 
"Then for the safety of our food I'll be off. See you at breakfast!" You called over your shoulder as you snatc
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The Clinic - DaichixReader
Chapter 3 - ZombiesAU! 
Broken glass cracked underfoot as you navigated your way through the shadowy hallways of the abandoned health clinic. 
“We won't be able to see you once you're inside but you'll probably still be able to hear us. Take a max fifteen minute sweep of the easily accessible parts of the building and grab what you can before heading out. We’ll keep an eye on the outside, but unfortunately we can't help you once inside the building so stay focused.” Daichi had warned you when you had entered the building. 
It was eerily quiet behind the crackle of your radio. Overturned hospital beds forced you to zigzag through the halls, ripped curtains fluttering as you skirted past. You snatched at every reasonable looking bottle and container you could, inspecting for leaks or cracks before stuffing them in your pockets. You hadn’t paid much attention to your uniform before but you discovered a seemingly endless supply
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The General - DaichixReader
Chapter 2 - ZombiesAU! 
The first fifteen minutes of your mad dash to sanctuary were pure hell. Everything hurt; your lungs burned as you desperately gulped for air, and your limbs felt like they were going to fall off. After half an hour everything had settled into a numb ache and your breathing had evened out to match the monotony of your pounding steps. 
The radio occasionally crackled back to life, the same radio operator, Daichi, repeating his directions to the base interspersed with the grumbles of another voice. 
“Tsukishima can’t you hurry with the video. I want confirmation on the crash and surrounding area. Our scanner shows a life-form has been consistently moving east and it could be a survivor.”
You almost stumbled with relief as you heard you were headed in the correct direction. 
“Tch, this isn’t exactly high tech equipment. You’ll be lucky if I wrangle anything out of
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The Crash - DaichixReader
Chapter 1 - Zombie Apocalypse au! 
Warnings for some (not really) graphic descriptions. 
Something was burning, the acrid smoke pulling you out of the comfortable darkness. A voice crackled in the background as you struggled to pull your eyelids open. The light was suddenly blinding, and it was several long moments of painful blinking before the world around you finally came into focus. 
The first thing you saw was the body. 
Its limbs were twisted at odd angles, one of them having been completely ripped off, with a piece of metal protruding grotesquely from its abdomen leaving little doubt they were dead. 
You turned away and quickly emptied your stomach. 
Wiping the back of your hand against your mouth you took a few deep breaths and spat to clear the foul taste from your mouth before glancing around at your surroundings. You were in the cab of something. 


The word came quickly to mind, like a bu
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Satisfied - IwaizumixOikawa!Reader
(Note: italics are flashbacks.)
Tooru stood, clutching the paper tightly in his shaking hands. He let a smile light up his face before reaching for his glass. The dull roar of conversation faded with the tinkling of his glass as all eyes turned to him. All but two, two who were too focused on each other to notice anything else, too busy staring into each other’s eyes to spare him more than a passing glance. 
Tooru straightened his suit jacket with a gentle tug and relaxed his grip on the paper to hide his hands’ shaking. As he stared out over the expectant crowd he turned his mega-watt smile on full, dazzling those watching and making more than a few ladies blush. With a deep breath he smoothed out his paper and cleared his throat. Show time. 
“Thank you everyone for being here today to celebrate the wedding of my two favorite people in the entire world. My beautiful baby sister…“ (the emphasis earning a few chuckles as th
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Study Break - TsukkixReader
You dropped your head onto the desk in utter defeat, succumbing to the chaos of your piled up assignments. 
The thunk of your head gets the attention of your study partner (and boyfriend), Tsukishima Kei.  
He glanced at you over the top rim of his glasses before returning to his own book. 
"You won’t learn anything by smashing your face in your book, stupid." 
"Shut up Kei." You muttered without lifting your head from the desk.
"You were the one who was complaining about needing to study."  
"I said shut up!" Your voice cracked a little, and you immediately stopped talking hoping he wouldn’t notice. 
But he was far too clever for that. 
"What's wrong?" His tone would have sounded neutral to anyone else listening, but you could hear the concern it hid. 
You didn’t say anything, just shook your head, not trusting your words.
You felt one of his long fingers poke the middle of your head. When you didn't respond you felt another po
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The Big Four - KurooxReader
Year 1 - The Bridge
You first met Kuroo in your freshman year of college, as you stood on the precipice of the bridge, staring down at the freezing water of the lake below. You friends, who had jumped before you, were slowly making their way back to the bank, laughing and splashing each other as the thrill wore off. 
"Come on (F/N), don't be chicken!" A friend called up from the water. 
You curled your toes under your feet as they started going numb, clenching and unclenching your fists by your sides. 
"Hey hey hey look out below!" A voice yelled from behind you before a form whipped past and cannonballed into the murky water. 
You flinched at the sound of the smack on the water and tried to take a steadying breath. 
"Watch yourself you stupid owl!" Another voice called down to the guy now floating in the water. "You almost knocked a cute girl over."
Your face flamed as you realized the guy was talking about you and you whirled around to face h
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Good. - TsukkixReader
To: (First)
Sent: 10:53pm
I miss you 

Tsukishima watched the light from the TV flicker through the bottle he held clenched in his fist before glancing back at his phone's screen as if to check. A second glance confirmed he had actually sent the message he had been thinking about for weeks. 
It had been weeks since he had seen you, since he had heard your voice. He could still picture your last encounter, your quiet dignity and swallowed tears as he told you it was over, as he told you he was bored with your relationship and wanted out. You hadn't argued, you hadn't begged, but you had quietly asked him to reconsider breaking it off. You had simply asked for a second chance. 
And he had scoffed. If he hadn't had that third drink--or maybe it was the fourth--he might have controlled his tongue a bit better. But instead he had cut to the bone. 
"You don't deserve a second chance."
And you had bit your lip, staring into his eyes for a moment longer before
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MakoxReader - Find Yourself (7)
Cool fingers fluttered along your brow, dragging you out of the depths of your slumber. You groaned as each bruise was freshly felt while you regained consciousness, the only soothed part on your body was your forehead where the fingers continued their ministrations. You opened your eyes to see Pema standing over you. A quick glance around told you someone had brought you back to your room on Air Temple Island. 
“Pema?” Your voice was scratchy and dry from disuse.
“Oh you’re awake! Here, drink some water.” Pema’s cool fingers abandoned your forehead to hold a glass to your cracked lips. You drank the water greedily, relishing the refreshing feel of it in your body. 
“Thank you.” You laid back, exhausted from just the small motion. “What happened?”
Pema sighed as she set the glass back down. “Do you remember what you were doing?”
You shut your eyes for a moment. “I was guarding the rear of the tunnel
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Jealous - Newt (request)
Newt watched the open gate with growing impatience. The sun was sinking lower in the sky and the time for the gates to close was fast approaching. 
Why weren’t they back yet? 
“Newt?” Thomas’s voice dragged his attention away from the gaping hole in the wall. “Everything ok?”
“Perfectly fine.” 
Thomas didn’t look convinced. “She’ll be back soon, don’t worry. She always makes it back.” 
Newt refused to acknowledge the blush trying to spread across his face. 
"Of course she- I mean they will be back in time. I’m not worried." 
Despite his protestations when the runners emerged from within the maze and he saw a familiar brunette jogging along beside them he breathed a sigh of relief.
"Not worried,huh?" Thomas snorted under his breath. "Could’ve fooled me."
Newt simply rolled his eyes and pretended he couldn't hear Thomas and turned to walk over towar
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Concealed - KurooxReader
"You heading to bed soon?" Your roommate stretched and yawned as she stood from her desk and pushed away her study materials. 
You raised your bleary eyes from your own notes and used the last dregs of your energy to push a small smile into the corners of your mouth. "Probably." 
You wondered if she could see the cracks at the edge of your smile, the exhaustion that kept the smile from reaching your eyes, but she just smiled back and told you not to stay up too late before heading to her own bed. Your smile had concealed just enough to keep her from seeing how exhausted and overwhelmed you really felt. 
As she slipped out of the room you let the smile slip from your face and turned back to your notes. The bright white pages filled with your handwriting seemed to mock you with the knowledge you couldn't seem to keep in your brain. The lines of script suddenly swayed as tears filled your eyes. You dashed them away with the back of your hand, angry at yourself for your weak
:iconlanikaia:lanikaia 63 7


Daichi Sawamura x Reader :Failed Proposals:
He never thought in a million years he'd be buying such an item, especially for such a girl.
(F/N) (L/N), hopefully soon-to-be (F/N) Sawamura.
It was only a couple of days after he had gotten the O.K. from her parents and he was already ripping through the city to find the perfect ring.
This is all thanks to Yachi Hitoka for dragging poor (F/N) into their volleyball practice.
We hit it off.
If only she knew the hell she's putting him through right now...
Unnerving thoughts that range from rejection to immediate disaster.
Yes, Daichi has experience with proposals, opportunity proposals that is. But only because of Karasuno's coach vacancy, someone had to take charge! Then Ukai-san swooped in.
The young man found himself in front of his third jeweler visit.
He steps in.
He doesn't know what the hell to do.
Nevermind that.
Daichi grabs the attention of a clerk.
"How may I help you this evening?"
He seems nice...
Check his fingers
Low and behold the magic ba
:iconukanidraws:UkaniDraws 22 13
Farm Boy | Jean Kirschtein
Jean Kirschstein x Mute!Reader AU
His face was new to her.
[Name] had heard word that there were newcomers to arrive in her quaint village, but hadn't expected them to come so soon. The village resided deep within the valley, on the farthest side of the mountain, and the next town over was a few days journey; yet, this new boy and his mother seemed to have already settled in. Whenever they arrived, he didn't look to be the type who was in to formal introductions.
She spotted him on her way back from the river, startled half to death by an ax thwacking into a log. The boy looked to be her age, if not eighteen or nineteen, his hair cropped closely save for some ashy length on top. He was rather focused on his work, having worked up a decent sweat before her arrival. Weathered suspenders hung from his belt loops, his cotton shirt removed and tossed aside in the grass, he used the back of his arm to remove the sweat from his brow.
It was a nice Spring day, but [Name] felt as though she
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 43 20
Mature content
Dog Days // Terushima Yuuji x Reader :iconbookerror:bookerror 64 10
lapsus linguae // iwaizumi hajime


You watched impatiently as the professor walked to the podium and began to hook up her laptop to the projector. Eyes alternating between your phone for a text from a certain someone and the entrance to the lecture hall, you frowned in discontentment. Iwaizumi was well aware of how excited you were for this class and how much you enjoyed this specific professor’s lecture style, not to mention that you kind of felt like a jerk saving a seat for someone while all the others of the hall began to fill up rapidly. It also didn’t help that you would get looks from others knowing that there were over twenty people waitlisted for this class so it would be packed and therefore hard to snag a nice seat for a decent view of the projection screen.
At that moment, a flustered former ace slipped through the door and olive green irises scanned the vicinity before meeting with yours. He ambled over to you while trying to steady his breathing. You shot a displeased look at
:iconfutura-free:futura-free 40 11
sing these old flames down | kuroo tetsurou
kuroo tetsurou x f!reader
warning: profanity
college au
i don't know your name or who you are, but i think i'm in love with you, so hey, can i kiss you?
He's at a bar for Bokuto's birthday.
No surprise there, really, except Kuroo would much rather be at home and watching a shitty history documentary about the Mongols or something and not here, in a dark, sweaty hellhole filled with so much sexual tension he could spread it like peanut butter.
But it's Bokuto's birthday and he likes bars, so Kuroo grits his teeth and bears it because as much as he hates huge social gatherings, Bokuto is still his best friend.
He sits at the bar, his ass aching from the stiff leather of the jewel-encrusted bar stool he's planted himself on, and sips his whiskey, because what else is he supposed to do? Kenma's disappeared off somewhere, probably to make out with the cute bartender that'd been giving him bedroom eyes since they'd gotten there, and he's pretty sure Bokuto's smashed at this point
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N55. :iconuserthiago:userthiago 233 22 RNTME :iconuserthiago:userthiago 437 26 N59. :iconuserthiago:userthiago 298 18
Like Cats and Dogs (Sirius BlackXReader)
      "Come on Sirius! We have to meet up with James and Remus by the Whomping Willow." Your whispered yelled to your friend outside the boy's dormitories. 
      "I'm trying to look my best for you (Y/n)." He replies coming out and giving you that same bloody smirk he gives when he's teasing you. You just roll your eyes and head outside to meet with the others.
      You can see James with Peter by the Willow's entrance and they wave to you.
      "It's about time you got here. Full moon will be out any minute." James gets ready for his transformation.
      "We would have been here earlier, but Padfoot wanted to be a lovesick puppy and woo me." 
      "Can't help it Feles. You really bring out the alpha male in me." He winks and you stick your tongue at him.
      "Oh just snog already. I swear it's like cats and dogs with you two, pun intended." James smiles at his litt
:iconproud2beanerd:Proud2BeANerd 7 2
Fate's 800+ Point Raffle! {CLOSED}
So there really isn't a special occasion or anything. I've just been seeing alot of raffles going on and I enjoy giving shit away to people so here we are now. Woo~
First Place
3 month core membership
A llama from me
Fullbody, shaded pagedoll of non-human character by MoontailNightheart
Second Place
1 month core membership
A llama from me
Shaded headshot of non-human character by MoontailNightheart
Third Place
A llama from me
Headshot or full body sketch of non-human character by MoontailNightheart
If any of the people who win originally watched me for my fanfics and they enjoy them, a fanfic written by me can also be a prize for any of the winners if they wish.
Prize donations are also always welcome so m
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 69 272
Starfall :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 2,744 90
Possessive | Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
You were on the phone, lazily chatting away with your favorite Salami and catching-up with what you had missed since the last time he called. You went to Shiratorizawa Academy Junior High with the red-haired middle-blocker and many of the other current third-years. During the break of your first-year of high school, your dad got a new job in Tokyo and it was off to Fukurōdani Academy for you.
It was an amazing three-years that you would not change, from Bokuto’s inconsistent confidence – which did extend to girls! – to Akaashi’s eternal suffering. You were amongst the many who cried at graduation. It was not until you heard your own name called and you were approaching the stage to receive your diploma that it finally hit you that this would be your last walk on the field. No more all-nighters with Akaashi or getting in trouble with Bokuto – well, that’s actually entirely possible in the near future. But it was truly an end of an era and
:iconxxmandarinsxx:xxMandarinsxx 63 17
Mature content
Breaking and Entering // Oikawa Tooru x Reader :iconbookerror:bookerror 89 38
Warm me up - Kuroo Testuro
Warm me up
Kuroo Tetsuro

"He's such an asshole."
"I know. And that stupid bed-head-"
"Really? I think it's kinda hot…"
"Ew really? I think it just makes him more sketch- hey hey! Don't just leave me!"
Grinning, you moved the joystick to your controller away from Kenma's avatar, refusing to revive him. "Nu uh. You just insulted my boyfriend, I'm not going to help you."
Your pudding headed best friend shot you a baleful sideways-glance as he fought off a hoard of enemies from his character. "Come on, please? You're the one who called him an asshole."
Ignoring the fact that he called you out on your hypocrisy, you shook your head. "Not until you apologize and admit he's hot af."
More to himself than to you, Kenma muttered: "'Af'? Nobody says that anymore-"
"You're not helping your case right now Ken." You teased, licking your lips in concentration as you killed a enemy character, moving farther away from Kenma.
"He's my best friend, it'd be weird for me to say something like
:iconthemuggingthief:themuggingthief 28 4
. infatuation | Sawamura Daichi
This really was ridiculous.
[Name] wasn't sure when her fixation with Daichi's mouth began, but she suspected it had something to do with her first discovery that Daichi was an incredible kisser. He was tender and attentive, taking his time to build up the moment but never failing to thoroughly ravish her senses. His talents didn't just apply to the lips on her face, either, something she recalled with agonizing intensity as she sat through one of their dates. The captain had come over to her house to enjoy a night’s in with homemade food with which he of course had helped her prepare. As she was seated across from him, she couldn’t help but watch, blatantly stare at, every time he wrapped those full lips around his fork or spoon.
Dessert was an entirely new level of torture. With his help, she had made chocolate mousse, consequently forgetting how creamy and airy the texture was. Just by watching him expertly swirl his tongue around his teaspoon, it was all she could do no
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 53 23
Apprehension [Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader]
You lay the book shut on the table, a soft sigh escaping from your lips. You pushed yourself up from your slumped position, giving yourself one good stretch as you looked around you. The room has darkened a lot since then, with only a few streaks of the setting sun peaking through the blinds. You grabbed a nearby cushion and lay back onto the couch, easing out the thoughts that lurked in the unsettling silence that surrounds.
Finally, the rattling sound of keys had you sit up as the door swung open to reveal a silhouette you were familiar with. The lights clicked on and you saw Hajime removing his shoes, a look of surprise flashing across his face when he noticed you.
"Why are you sitting there with the lights off?"
You forced a yawn as you rubbed at your eyes, "... I just woke up."
"Oh." He regarded as he removed his outer coat and nestled on the couch beside you. Humming softly, he begun unpacking the bag he was carrying.
Gingerly, you lay on his lap, a smile easing onto your fa
:iconoceanhues:Oceanhues 45 5




I have made a mistake and started Bungou Stray Dogs. Goodbye productivity.


"Thank you for coming in on such short notice, I know you must be very busy." 

"Oh it's not a problem, it was our day off anyways, right Iwa-chan? And we always prioritize (Name)'s education." Oikawa gave the principal a bright smile. 

"Yes well, let's get right to it then, shall we. Unfortunately (Name) is in my office today because she has gotten in trouble for fighting with another student in her class."

Iwaizumi frowned but remained silent as he glanced at (Name) in the corner. (Name) kept her eyes down at her feet when she felt the adults looking at her. It didn't sound like his daughter to fight, but instead of getting worked up he let Oikawa to voice their confusion. "She was fighting? What for?"

"According to the teacher report she shoved a boy in her class and he fell." The principal tapped the written report next to him. 

"(Name), why did you push him?" Iwaizumi ignored the principal as he turned to (Name). 

"He wouldn't stop pulling my hair." (Name) mumbled still towards her feet. 

"(Name) sweetie, we don't mumble. Now tell us again why you pushed the boy, but this time try and look at us." Oikawa gently coaxed.

With a quick glance at the principal's frowning face she lifted her head to stare at her parents. Her eyes were slightly red but free of tears. "He wouldn't stop pulling my hair, even though I asked him to stop." 

"Did you tell your teacher?" 

"Yes, she told him to stop too. But he wouldn't so then I told him to stop again and he didn't so when he reached for my hair again I pushed his arms away. And then he fell down."

"Thank you for being honest sweetie." Oikawa gave her an encouraging smile before turning back to the principal. "Why did she continue to hit him?"

The principal blinked in confusion. "She didn't continue to hit him. She shoved him to the ground."

"And she is being reprimanded for this?"

"Well yes, she was being aggressive with another student."

"A student who was physically harassing her."

"Well..." The principal suddenly looked uncomfortable.

"That wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Please don’t interrupt me, I’m trying to work through this logic." Oikawa gave a sharp smile to the principal who nodded mutely in shock for a moment. 

"My daughter was being physically harassed by a fellow student. She used her words multiple times to ask him to stop. She told the teacher what he was doing, and the teacher told him to stop as well, but he did not." Oikawa ticked off the events on his fingers as he spoke slowly, as if to a very young child.

The principal sputtered as he tried to interrupt.

"No, please I understand you have many children to take care of here and the teacher did tell him to stop which may have been the best they could do at the moment. However after being told to stop by my daughter and the teacher, the student continued. At which point my daughter, feeling uncomfortable with the physical attention she didn’t want, defended herself against the next harassment by pushing his hands away. This push led to him falling, hurting himself, crying, and my daughter being reprimanded and myself and my husband being called in. That is the sum of the story, yes?" 

"Well yes bu—" 

"I said don’t interrupt me please. Now I’m confused why my daughter is in trouble." Oikawa's voice maintained a calm, smooth cadence but the ice it held was unmistakable as he stared down the principal, Iwaizumi glaring silently from his side.

"My daughter pushed another student in self-defense when he refused to stop physically harassing her. I could understand if we were disappointed for her not using her words first, but she did use her words. She used her words and the teacher's words as well to protect herself and when that didn’t work she used her hands. The hands attached to her body that is hers, and not that little boys or anyone else’s to touch when they please." 

"Yes sir, but Oikawa-san, you must understand that we’re trying to keep a safe environment for all the children, and pushing and fighting is not a safe environment." The principal dabbed at the sweat beading on his forehead as Oikawa's glare turned absolutely frigid. 

"You’re worried SHE made the environment unsafe? What about her? Is she to feel that she can’t protect herself? Is she to go to school in an environment where she learns it’s ok for others to do what they want to her and ignore her voice? That the teachers will side with the other children? That when she protects herself she will be reprimanded for the actions taken rather than comforted for what happened? That when others treat her poorly they will not be punished? Tell me, how is that a safe school environment for her?"

Oikawa was standing by the end of his speech, a fire blazing in his eyes as he ranted. The principal gaped mutely at a now fuming Oikawa, his mouth opening and closing silently as he struggled for any response. Seeing his dumbfounded look Oikawa scoffed, grabbing (Name)'s hand and heading for the door with her. 

"Come on (Name), we're not wasting another moment with small-minded people such as this. Let's go get ice cream."

The principal stared after the departing figures before turing back to face the remaining person. Iwaizumi sat silently in his chair, contemplating his husband's words as he locked eyes with the principal. He paused a moment before breaking the silence. 

"You're lucky." His voice sounded almost bored, though his eyes showed how angry he was. "If I had walked in here and she was crying I probably would have beaten you half to death." 

Iwaizumi stood slowly, looking both dignified and terrifying as he towered over the now cowering principal.

"If we ever hear of something like this happening in your school again, you can kiss your job goodbye. Superintendent Sugawara happens to be our child's godfather, and I'm sure he will be less than pleased to hear about your response to this incident. And if you ever have any confusion on what a truly unsafe environment is, please let me know. I'd be happy to demonstrate."  With a sharp incline of his head he excused himself and followed his husband out the door, leaving a quaking principal behind. 


(Name) munched happily on her ice cream cone as she bounced on Iwaizumi's lap. Oikawa rested his chin on his hand as he leaned over to ruffle her hair and press a kiss to her forehead. 

"(Name) sweetie?" She looked up at Oikawa's soft voice. "Dad and I want you to know that you did nothing wrong at school today, no matter what that stupid principal says."

"Stupid is a mean word, Daddy. I thought we weren't supposed to use it." 

Oikawa wiped some ice cream off her face with a small smile. "Well we are allowed to use it in this case because that principal is a mean man. But what do you did was absolutely right, using your words first, asking the teacher, and stopping him from touching you. Dad and I are very proud you were so brave, and will always support you."

Oikawa glanced up at Iwaizumi and he nodded in agreement, snuggling (Name) a little closer. 

"Ok, thanks Daddy, and Dad." She pressed an ice cream covered kiss to Oikawa's face, making him grin. "If he did it again I was going to punch him like Dad showed me. But I didn't want to get blood on my new school outfit."

She frowned as she contemplated the ice cream stains now marking the outfit she'd tried to keep pristine, before shrugging and continuing to munch her treat. "In the end he was too wimpy anyways. But don't worry Dad," She wiggled around on Iwaizumi's lap to glance up at him. "I'll punch him next time if I have to."

With a grin Iwaizumi pinched one of her ice cream covered cheeks. "That's my girl." 

That's my girl|ParentsAU! OikawaxReaderxIwaizumi
Not what i usually write but something like this happened with the child I nanny and I'm just having a lot of feelings about the lack of education on the idea that people of all ages are the owner of their body and that means, nobody no matter how young or old, has the right to do something that makes you uncomfortable. If we aren't telling our youngest humans how to act with kindness and how to respect others personal space and right to say no we aren't teaching them the most valuable lessons. 

I feel like Oikawa and Iwaizuimi would be great parents but as I was writing this I realized literally any pairing from that show has the perfect dynamic for this (can you imagine Tsukki just roasting anyone who dares speak against his child? Or protective Suga-mama?) there are so many good options, feel free to imagine whomever as the couple. Also please forgive me for using both their last names, I couldn't decide which to use and using only their first names felt weird so i used both. Someone correct me if there's a better way to do this

Sorry if this isn't any good, i just really had to get some feelings out and write a scenario like this helped. 

I don't own haikyuu 

I've decided to use this as my entry for Mikittykun's 200 WATCHERS CONTEST-EXTRAORDINAIRE! (click here for the journal if you also want to enter... though it should be ~300 watcher extraordinaire now!) since I'm probably not going to write anything else before the deadline and it works! Not very good but ehhh might as well :D

Characters: Iwaizumi Hajime & Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu)
Theme: Boundaries
AU: Family/Parents

Chapter 6 - ZombiesAU!

Your muscles began to loosen as you walked with Daichi, each stride feeling a little better. The soreness still rippled through your body but the movement warmed your limbs, shaking off some of the heaviness your panic attack created. He led you out a door into the sunlight, blinding you for a moment. But Daichi steadied you with a hand at your elbow. 

“This way,” He guided gently. “All our food is served in the mess hall. It’s everyone’s responsibility to cook on their off day so the food will vary, but everyone can make at least simple meals. Though if you ever get Suga in the kitchen it’s your lucky day for sure. One time he even figured out how to make cookies without using all our sugar rations. Unfortunately for us and him he rarely gets days off, being our primary medical doctor.” He caught himself rambling and shook his head smiling. “I’m getting ahead of myself. It will probably be a bit plain today since we’re waiting on a shipment, but it’s always filling at least.”

“Was I supposed to be bringing the food shipment?” You asked quietly.  

“Among other things, yes. Food wasn’t the only supply in the shipment but it was part of it.” Daichi’s response was matter of fact but you couldn’t help the guilt that seemed to settle on your shoulders. 

“I’m sorry.” 

Daichi stopped walking and turned to you abruptly, his face serious. “(First), don’t feel guilty about this. It was a routine supply run, not an emergency restocking. We have plenty of food, and it’s not your fault your transport crashed. You were lucky to get out alive.”

You blinked at his response. “But I should have brought more supplies! There’s probably still more at the crash site that I just left.” 

“There might be some still there. We’re planning on sending a runner pair at some point to check. But really it’s more important that you made it out safe.”

“But I can’t feed people! You heard the general, now that I’m here food will go even faster. We should go now!” 

Daichi put a hand on your shoulder, gentle but firm, stopping your escalating concern. “We can’t go now. The crash may still be dangerous, not to mention the noise and the heat will have attracted all the zoms in the area. Don’t worry, we will go when it is safe. We have Tsukishima monitoring the area and nothing in the shipment was particularly perishable. Even the food being sent was mostly dried goods. So stop blaming yourself (First). It’s most important that you’re here, alive, with us.” 

You felt a flush creep up your neck at his words, but you were saved from having to respond as he turned to keep walking towards the nondescript grey building that was your destination. 

You looked around yourself for the first time since coming outside. The buildings in the compound all matched, making a rather dull scene in shades of grey. The squat building that was your destination was only distinguished by a small scrubby garden surrounded by high fencing on one side. 

The cheery colors of the plants were jarring against the bland colors of everything else in sight. You glanced over your shoulder, realizing you weren’t even sure which of the drab buildings you had emerged from. You shook your head, promising yourself to stick close to Daichi, only to turn and realize he had already entered the building. 

Great (First), so much for sticking close to Daichi. You thought to yourself with an eye roll. You cautiously opened the door and peeked your head in. 

Daichi stood at one of the small tables, the only one occupied, talking to the people seated there. 

“And please don’t be weird, Kuroo, you know she’s been through a lot.” You heard him say. 

“Why are you worried about me when these two are here?” Kuroo grumbled to Daichi while one of men hooted with laughter and the other tried looked angelic. 

Daichi just rolled his eyes. “Seriously you three, behave.” You stood half hidden by the door, uncertain if you should enter, but Daichi turned, saw you waiting, and waved you over. 

“Guys this is (First).” Daichi’s hand on your shoulder as he introduced you felt comforting. “(First) you already met Kuroo here.”

“Hello kitten, Kuroo Tetsurou at your service.” The bed-headed man grinned at you. 

“And this is Bokuto Koutarou and Oikawa Tooru.” 

Bokuto’s grin matched Kuroo’s, his golden eyes fixed on your in an intense stare. Feeling uncomfortable you glanced away, and caught your view instead on a pair of chocolate-brown eyes also fixed on you. But instead of fascination these eyes showed shock. You blinked in surprise at the expression you saw on his face, but by the time you looked again it had been replaced by a grin as well. 

“Welcome (First). It’s good to see you.” His smile lit up his entire face, masking any other emotion that you wondered if you had imagined his reaction to seeing you. But even with his grin he kept his eyes fixed on your face as if searching for an answer to a question he hadn’t asked yet. 

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet all of you.” You managed a small smile. “And thank you for your help the other day. I remember you outside the walls. You saved my life.” 

Bokuto puffed up at the praise. “That’s because we’re the best defense team there is.” You smiled as the others just rolled their eyes at Bokuto.

“Is it true you can’t remember anything (First)? Anything from before the crash?” You could hear the deep curiosity behind Oikawa’s light tone as they all turned their attention back to you.

You nodded awkwardly, uncomfortable with the weight of their stares. 

“But what about your name?” 

“I just remembered it earlier when I was talking to Daichi.” You didn’t want to go into the details of your nightmare.  

“Oh ho ho ho, Daichi? On a first name basis already, are we Sawamura?” Kuroo smirked.

“My my you work quick when a cute girl is involved. We’ve know you for years and still call you Sawamura.” Oikawa fairly purred as Bokuto hooted with laughter at Daichi’s rapidly reddening face. Oikawa then turned his attention to you. “Only Suga calls Sawamura by his first name, but they’ve known each other for forever.” 

You flushed as you realized you had  been using his first name. “I-I… I hadn’t even realized I was doing that.” You glanced at Dai—Sawamura in a panic, worried you’d insulted him.  

He smiled reassuringly back at you even though his cheeks were still pink. “It’s fine (First). I don’t mind.”

“Of course not, Sawamura. Look how adorable she is, even after what she went through. No wonder you like her calling you Daichi.” Oikawa giggled, actually giggled, as Bokuto and Kuroo snorted as Daic—Sawamura dammit, frowned at Oikawa.  

“Oi Shittykawa, you’re irritating me from here. Knock it off.” A deep voice rumbled from behind you. 

“Iwa-chan, so rude! And in front of a guest too!” Oikawa pouted. 

Another guy appeared in the kitchen window behind you, wiping his hands on a towel. The sleeves of his dark shirt had been rolled up, revealing attractive and well-muscled arms, and there was a spot of flour on his forehead. His scowl seemed to ease when he saw you, but you felt intimidated nonetheless and shifted a step closer to Daichi. You were really struggling to think of him as Sawamura after thinking of him as Daichi for so long. 

Daichi looked relieved to change the topic. “Yo Iwaizumi, got anything warm? (First) could use some real food.”

“Yeah I still have some fresh soup if that's good.” 

They all looked at you and you stared back, belatedly realizing they were giving you an option. “Oh, yeah that’s perfect. Thank you.” Iwazuimi nodded and disappeared back into what you assumed was the kitchen before reappearing suddenly with a large bowl filled to the brim with soup. 

“(First), sit with me!” Oikawa patted the bench next to him, sounding more like a child than an adult. As you sat Iwaizumi placed the soup in front of you and you murmured your thanks. With your first bite the savory soup seemed to warm you to your core and sooth you too. 

“This is delicious!” You sighed, taking another enthusiastic bite. 

“(First) you’re making Iwa-chan blush!” Oikawa cooed.

“Shut up Shittykawa.” Iwaizumi growled, but the compliment did pinken his cheeks. 

Oikawa smiled and bumped shoulders with you, eliciting a giggle and a shoulder bump back. It felt so familiar you froze for a moment, trying to remember when you had done that before. Your sudden stop drew the attention of the others. 

“(First)…” Daichi’s voice was quiet but concerned. 

You looked up and smiled. “Sorry, I thought I started to remember something but it slipped away.” You busied yourself with taking another bite. 

“So when you say you can’t remember anything, what does that mean?” Kuroo asked, breaking the silence. “You obviously still remember basic things like language, and you remembered your name. Is there anything else you remember?” 


“What’s your favorite color?” Bokuto interrupted your confused thoughts.

“(Color).” You replied, no hesitation in your voice. You looked at Bokuto in shock. “But I… how did…”

“So it’s all still in there somewhere, just locked away somehow.” Oikawa studied you thoughtfully. 

“Let her eat her soup before we drill her with questions.” Daichi frowned. 

“No it’s fine really, I can eat and talk.” You smiled at everyone around the table. “Bokuto ask me another!” 

You spent the remainder of your meal being peppered with questions from all of them in an attempt to unlock more memories.  A few questions you could answer quickly, the simple ones like favorite color. Others gave you fuzzy ideas in your head, like the sound of a friend’s laugh or the warmth of a hug. But you couldn’t remember names, and faces stayed blurry. Most of the questions you couldn’t answer, especially as Bokuto and Kuroo got more and more ridiculous in with their questions. By the time your finished your soup your  response to Bokuto asking what you would bring to survive on a dessert, yes dessert, island was laughter punctuated by increasingly frequent yawns. 

Noticing your exhaustion Daichi interrupted the game. “(First), why don’t you head back and rest for a bit? You have training starting later today and you’re still recovering.” 

Another yawn was your response, earning a chuckle from the men sitting around the table with you. 

“Thank you again for the delicious food, Iwaizumi, and thank you for helping me remember at least a little.” You thanked them as Daichi escorted you back out of the mess hall. 

“Bye (First), have a nice nap! We’ll be ready with more questions next time!” Bokuto called after you. You smiled back at them with a small wave, before turning to follow Daichi back to the med bay, turning over the new information they had helped you unlock. It wasn’t much but it was a start. 

The Questions - DaichixReader
Do I have finals? Yes
Should I be studying? Yes
Do I want to write anyways? Yes

Oh dear somehow i spent my studying time doing this instead of, you know, studying... and it's not even that great of a chapter but whatever let's keep this story moving along

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I don't own Haikyuu 
I do own the plot


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